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About me

Graphic Designer / Unity game developer / Web developer

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Rob Willemse

My name is Rob. Technology and creativity have always been in my blood. In my spare time I’ve been developing this game for fun. Now I’ve released my first project, a mobile game: Jump Hero: Hardcore jumper.

My goal is to keep growing and to turn my interests into my job.

What I’ve been working with so far:

– Web development
– Graphic design / 3D modeling
– Motion graphics
– Unity Game Developer
– Virtual Reality with Unity
– C# programming

At the moment I’m growing my skills in game development and programming with Unity and C#. I already have plenty experience with digital painting, banner and logo design, animated logos, 3D animations, character and comic art, 2D and 3D graphics.
The interests that I hope to develop more are Virtual Reality, everything related to gaming, Adobe Creative Suite, 3D modeling, as I have a broad interest in technology.

To see a portfolio of my work, feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn profile. On you can view a collection of my digital artwork.


Let’s Get In Touch

Please feel free to contact me for any questions regarding game development, reporting bugs or business related proposals.

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